2014 Formal Hairstyles

2014 Formal Hairstyles. Formal hair ideas for 2014. In 2014 there might be several formal affairs that you may be going to. From prom, to weddings, formals, and galas, there are a plethora of events that may be on your agenda for attending. Of course this means coming up with and achieving the perfect hairstyle for your formal affair. When it comes to hairstyles for the 2014 season, there are tons of hair ideas and tools you can play around with. From adding bold hair accessories to your strands, to creative updos, flirty curls, and even braided hairstyles. We of course like always  have you covered with some of the most sought after style ideas for 2014. Look below to check them out.

The 2006 NCLR Alma Awards - Pressroom Tyra Banks 2014 Formal Hairstyles 3 2014 Formal Hairstyles 4 2014 Formal Hairstyles 5 2014 Formal Hairstyles 6


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