Victoria’s Secret Spring 2012 Makeup Collection – The Incredible

Victoria’s Secret Spring 2012 Makeup Collection – The Incredible. For those of you who don’t already know, Victoria Secret has some pretty amazing makeup collections and products that have great prices, and usually sell out pretty quickly. After all who doesn’t want to look like a Victoria Secret model? There latest collection for this spring is called Incredible, and offers new eye palettes, face powders, and gorgeous lip hues to give us the right amount of shine. Look below to see what’s in the collection.

VS The Incredible Collection Deluxe Eye Palettes ($20)


VS The Incredible Collection Shimmer Liner Duo ($13)


VS The Incredible Collection Lipgloss ($12)


VS The Incredible Collection Illuminating Face Powder

The soft and easily applicable formula of this illuminating face powder guarantees the success of your beauty update. Use a makeup brush to spread the powder to highlight the highest spots of your face.

Product Photos


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