China Glaze Magnetix Collection

China Glaze Magnetix Collection. For spring 2012, China Glaze brings us something new to love, the Magnetix Collection. This nail polish is quite unique since it features a magnetic nail polish formula that is sure to bring forth creativity. The collection features 6 new shades with the new magnetic forces to decorate the nails with fabulous patterns. Tiny metal pigments are poured into the metallic shades which can be easily manipulated and sculpted with the help of a magical magnet. Hold the magnet right above your nails and the small particles will start to move in a way that they’ll be able to form a fabulous pattern like the ones illustrated below. Look below to see the shades that will be featured in the collection.

  • You Move Me – golden metallic
  • Cling On – green metallic
  • Pull Me Close – crystal blue metallic
  • Instant Chemistry – metallic berry
  • Drawn To You – subtle metallic lilac
  • Attraction – metallic chrome

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