Zoya Smoke & Mirrors Collection

Zoya Smoke & Mirrors Collection. Available in stores tomorrow, Zoya brings us the Smoke & Mirrors collection just in time for fall. The collection features two sets The Smoke as well as the Mirrors. The Smoke collection features a variety of cream shades while the mirrors contains metallic hues. Look below to see the shades and hues in the collection.

Smoke Collection

  • Jana Smoky mauve quartz cream
  • Petra Smoky eggplant mauve cream
  • Codie Smoky brown taupe cream
  • Anja Smoky palatinate purple cream
  • Cynthia Smoky Prussian blue cream
  • Dree Smoky camouflage green cream

Mirrors Collection

  • Nimue Smoky rich thistle metallic
  • Marina Smoky steel blue metallic
  • Tao Smoky slate gray metallic
  • Yara Sparkly olive green metallic
  • Neeka Sparkly amethyst purple metallic
  • Jem Sparkly fandango pink metallic

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