Zoya Sunshine and Summertime 2011 Collection

Zoya Sunshine and Summertime 2011 Collection. If you’re looking for a little bit of sunshine and summertime on your nails, Zoya has you covered with their new collection. The collection will feature six new creme shades ( summertime) and six new metallic shades ( Sunshine).  All of the shades are bold and bright and perfect for grabbing attention. Look below for more details.

Sunshine Nail Polish Collection

This nail polish collection is inspired by the sunny, summer days which create an instant feeling of warmth. Zoya Sunshine nail polish collection features 6 fabulous nail polish hues that are highly pigmented and feature golden infused sparkles for a higher visual impact. The nail polishes are designed to provide a long lasting wear, so select the hues which suit your style best:

# Reva (ZP546) – a cool toned, opaque strawberry red with infused golden metallic sparkles
# Kimmy (ZP547) – a gorgeous fiery red brightened by gold infused sparkles
# Apple (ZP548) – a lovely apple green featuring gold metallic sparkles
# Tanzy (ZP549) – a rich tangerine orange with gold metallic sparkles
# Rica (ZP550) – a light coral with pink-orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkles
# Faye (ZP551) – a cool purple featuring brown undertones and an abundance of gold sparkles

Summertime Nail Polish Collection

Summertime is here, so boost the beauty of your nails with a lovely, bright and colorful nail polish collection signed by Zoya and titled simply Summertime. Their creamy finish delivers a unique twist that attracts attention as a magnet, so enhance the style of your nails using your favorite, rich hue.

# Sooki (ZP552) – a bright red cream with a subtle jelly finish
# Tamsen (ZP553) – a lovely orange-red with an opaque cream finish
# Areej (ZP554) – a vivid pink with an opaque cream finish
# Kieko (ZP555) – a warm and cool purple with berry tones and an opaque cream finish
# Mira (ZP556) – a gorgeous rich blue-purple with dusty lavender tones and an opaque cream finish
# Breezi (ZP557) – a cool blue with an opaque cream finish

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